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Created 15-Sep-16
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Female and juvenile Olive Baboon, Lake NakuruTwo members of a large baboon troop, Lake NakuruGrey Crowned Crane, Lake NakuruWhite Rhino on the move, Lake NakuruWhite Rhino has wide mouth well-suited for grazing in short grasYoung Rothschild's Giraffe shows distinguishing "white stockingsRothschild's Giraffe, Lake NakuruA trio of Helmeted GuineafowlZebra grazing at the flooded edge of Lake NakuruBlack-headed Heron in flight, Lake NakuruBlack-headed Heron in flight, Lake NakuruA small group of flamingoes foraging near shore, Lake NakuruGreat White Pelican landing among gulls on Lake NakuruBlack-headed Heron fishing, Lake NakuruFlooded acacia forest; new shoreline for Lake NakuruBlack-faced Vervet Monkey, Lake NakuruRuppell's Long-tailed Starling, one of many colorful East AfricaSpeke's Weaver building nest, Lake Nakuru

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