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Created 28-Aug-16
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Exploring the Maasai Mara and the Great Migration
Migrating zebra and wildebeest begin to gather at the bank of the Mara RiverMixed herds of Wildebeest and Burchell's Zebra congregate and graze near the Mara RiverSmall groups of zebra and wildebeest graze near a Balenites treeBurchell's zebra graze near the Mara River; herds of Wildbeest in the backgroundMara River: Hippos pose an obstacle to migrating herdsFirst group of wildebeest approach the river and stop to drink before venturing acrossWildebeest herd swims the Mara River, following the leaderA small group of Topi join the wildebeest and zebra herdsA few Wildebeest defy the herd momentum and return to the east bRiver crossing:  almost there; just a few more leapsChaos reigns as the herds charge down the river bank and enter the Mara RiverTopi and Zebra cross the Mara RiverSpotted hyenas: Adult male runningSpotted hyenas: Adult female with cub outside den entranceSpotted hyenas: Adult male

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