Yellowstone National Park: Bighorn sheep

October 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A highlight of the Yellowstone portion of my recent trip was the chance to photograph a small group of Bighorn ewes and juveniles. This group was encountered along a back road away from large crowds and, in spite of the number of photographers in our group, the Bighorn were quite comfortable and tolerant of our presence.  At this time of year (early October), the older rams are still hanging out at higher altitudes, separate from the ewes and young sheep.  

Backgrounds are as important as the subject when photographing wildlife and I love the soft greens of the grasses and sagebrush in these images.

Juvenile Bighorn, Yellowstone National ParkJuvenile Bighorn, Yellowstone National Park

Bighorn ewe, Yellowstone National ParkBighorn ewe, Yellowstone National Park

What's even better is getting some significant distance between subject and background, as with this young ram and the distant and darker hillside. 

Young Bighorn ram, Yellowstone National ParkYoung Bighorn ram, Yellowstone National Park

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