Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska

December 13, 2014  •  1 Comment

Carhenge is Alliance, Nebraska’s answer to Stonehenge – the much more famous circle of standing stones located in Wiltshire, England.  Unlike Stonehenge, Carhenge is constructed from vintage American automobiles spray-painted gray.   Thirty-eight automobiles stand in a circle about 95 feet in diameter.   The upright “stones” are buried in the ground, trunk end down, and other automobiles, welded to the uprights, form arches that mimic the structure of Stonehenge.  The heelstone (the stone over which the sun rises on summer solstice) is a 1962 Cadillac.

We arrived just at sunset and the site, with its long shadows and the moon rising behind, was very evocative of the original on which it is modeled.  It was a perfect time of day to enjoy this quirky American landmark.

Created as a memorial to his father, Jim Reinders constructed Carhenge in 1987 after studying the original structure’s shape and proportions while living in England. Over the years, additional automobile “sculptures” and a visitor center have been added to the site.

Sunset and moonrise at Carhenge, Alliance, NebraskaSunset and moonrise at Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska


Inside the circle at Carhenge, Alliance, NebraskaInside the circle at Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska


I think the photo with the nearly full moon is wonderful. The whole scene is at once mystical and fanciful, comical and fantastical.
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